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Simpson Strong-Tie’s MTWS mass timber washer strap.jpg

Simpson Strong-Tie’s Edge-Tie system is designed to replace traditional bent plates with an extruded steel beam of higher strength. It is more dimensionally reliable while enabling a bolted cladding connection. With a continuous slot to take the guesswork out of anchor attachments, the system allows for easy cladding adjustment and replacement after damage in wind or seismic events or to accommodate adaptive building design.

BOULDER Insulated Water Bottle with Strainer 0623 product shot.jpg


The BOULDER vacuum insulated water bottle is made from 18/8 stainless steel and features the company’s TriMax Triple Insulation that keeps drinks cold up to 74 hours and hot up to 14 hours. The Reflecta lid is insulated and lined with stainless steel, enhancing temperature retention and preventing drinks from ever touching plastic. The bottle has a wide mouth for easy filling and a soft silicone spout for a softer drinking experience. The lid is attached to a carrying strap cap and the product has a removable strainer for tea, fruit, and ice cubes.

Lightform TOOY light from collection 0722_edited.jpg


LightForm has added TOOY to its portfolio of international lighting brands. Made in Italy, TOOY lights combine original concepts, fresh outlooks, and experimentation with innovative materials. The company’s lighting collection offer a wide variety of style and design choices. Its most recent Nastro collection features customizable and modular lighting configurations in metal, wood, brass, and raw concrete that bend, fold, suspend, and interconnect.

Leviton Antimicrobial_Treated_Decora_Slide_Dimmer 0722_edited.jpg


Leviton’s Antimicrobial Treated Decora Slide Dimmer is treated to keep the dimmer surface cleaner by inhibiting the growth of mould, mildew, fungi, and odour-causing bacteria between normal cleanings. The switch can be used to control dimmable LED, CFL, and incandescent bulbs. It can be used in single pole or in three-way installations when used with a three-way switch. The device features the Leviton Decora rocker switch, which provides pre-set ON/OFF switching and an integrated slide bar for adjustment lighting levels. 

Kichler_Lighting_Icon_Ceiling_Fan 0722.jpg


Kichler Lighting has added nine families and 33 SKUs to its selections of lifestyle-inspired ceiling fan line. The sets ‒ titled Icon, Vinea, Salvo, Guardian, Tide, Tranquil, Crescent, Rise, and Humble ‒ offer a wide variety of cottage core to modern industrial design options for indoor and outdoor living spaces.

U-Konserve Rectangle Food-Storage Container 0622.jpg


U-Konserve’s rectangle food-storage containers are stainless steel rectangle containers with transparent silicone lids. These containers offer a waste-free solution for lunches, takeout, picnics, travel, and bulk shopping by reducing single-use packaging. They are also ideal for kitchen organization, storage, pantry makeovers, meal prep, and family leftovers. Flexible silicone lids are available in a variety of colours, prevent leakage, and are easy for little hands to open. Both the stainless steel and silicone are non-toxic as well as dishwasher and freezer safe.

Formica Canada is launching SurfaceSet 2022, the latest collection in the brand’s commerci

Formica Canada is launching SurfaceSet 2022, the latest collection in the brand’s commercial laminate portfolio. The collection introduces 20 decors that are inspired by nature and the beauty of handcrafted processes. The collection is built around three designs palettes. New Order is built on unambiguous patterns that are immediately recognizable, Safe Haven incudes aesthetics that are meant to challenge, but reassure, and Fresh Start is about reinvigorating and beginning anew.

Makita 18v LXT Cordless or Electric 13-inch Jobsite Fan.jpg


The Makita 18v LXT Cordless or Electric 13-inch Jobsite Fan is a portable cordless solution for workers on jobsites. It offers up to 11.8 hours of portable air flow on a single charge. The fan has high, medium, and low control settings as well as an oscillation selector for air velocity control. It also has an automatic swing and manual tilt feature that allows the fan to be positioned at any angle.

California Faucets Rincon Bay Series of bath faucets.jpg

California Faucets

California Faucets’ Rincon Bay Series of bath faucets now offers a high spout option. The high-arc spout brings more flexibility and versatility to the series in comparison to the original designs’ low aerodynamic design. With options such as softly rounded cross handles, cool blade handles, and cylinder escutcheons that blend different styles, the series allows for a variety of bath motifs to shine. There are also 28-plus artisan finishes to choose from to further elevate the style choice.

Wilsonart curated collection of thermally fused laminate designs.jpg


Engineered surfaces manufacturer Wilsonart’s Woodgrain Staining enables real wood and veneer staining ability to laminate. This feature within the Wilsonart High Pressure Laminate (HPL) portfolio allows designers to achieve the look of stained wood or veneers in virtually any colour they want. The collection offers customization of classic woodgrains, like oak and walnut, and allows designers to match any hue from a variety of colour palettes.

GROHEs Eurocube Wall Mount Bathroom Sink.JPG


GROHE’s Eurocube Wall Mount Bathroom Sink adheres to the trend of limiting the use of heavy furniture and fixtures. It offers a clean, geometric form and can be mounted or placed atop a floating vanity. The sink is made with fine fire clay to create a luxe ambience for homeowners and guests.

TANDO Beach House Shake.jpg

Tando, the composite exterior cladding brand of Derby Building Products, is introducing composite technology to its five-inch shingle Beach House Shake. This comes after a high consumer demand for natural cedar shingles in the market. It is available in four natural cedar shades ‒ sandcastle, Atlantica, Hatteras, and Pacifica.

Essency EXR water heater 0722_edited.jpg


The Essency EXR water heater has an 80-gallon first hour rating (FHR) that can supply hot water to handle multiple demands. Its 80-gallon capacity is contained in a sleek, durable polymer tank that takes up as much space as a smaller 50-gallon conventional tank unit. The heater comes with smartphone-based operating controls and system monitoring functionality through the MyEssency app.

Simpson StrongTie has expanded its line of Strong-Drive premium screws designed_edited.jpg

Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie has expanded its line of Strong-Drive premium screws designed to provide structural fastening solutions for the construction and repair of mass timber assemblies and structures. The mass timber fasteners and connectors are ideal for cross-laminated timber (CLT) construction. The family of yellow-zinc-coated, 10-millimeter Strong-Drive screws now include countersinking fasteners in fully threaded, partially threaded, cylinder-head, and flat-head options.

Wilsonart curated collection of thermally fused laminate designs.jpg


Wilsonart Interiors is a curated collection of thermally fused laminate (TFL) designs and finishes, designed to bring the magic of function balanced with beauty to homes and commercial spaces. The collection’s designs and finishes bring a sophisticated style to the inside of cabinets, drawers, and open storage spaces. The interiors can also be applied to open shelving in a kitchen or other central gathering area. The sets of designs and finishes include the Linen, Tabby, and Tessere Collections.

IRWIN_tape_measures 0722.jpg


STRAIT-LINE tape measures from hand tools and power tool accessories brand IRWIN deliver up to 17-feet of maximum reach. The tapes feature an integrated finger brake for retraction control, an extra-large hook to catch onto material, and a durable coating to resist damage. It has double-sided print for vertical and overhead measurements and large numbers. The tape measures are available 16-, 25-, and 35-foot options.

Formica Canada has expanded its DecoMetal Laminates line with seven designs.jpg


Formica Canada has expanded its DecoMetal Laminates line with seven designs. The designs add more metal finishes for use in vertical surface applications, expanding possible surfacing designs. The designs include four metal options in Zinc Patina, Oxidized Silver Patina, Platinum Linework, and Black Linework. The new line also includes three metal laminate designs in Antique Rubbed Copper, Woven Argent, and Woven Brass.

Tresco Lighting Neoloop 0722.jpg


Tresco Lighting’s Neoloop is a flexible silicone LED light rope. This product is shatterproof and watertight and features Luniform technology to provide a continuous beam of light without dark spots. It is rated for indoor, outdoor, damp, and wet locations. The Neoloop is bendable and available with top or side emitting illumination. It is cuttable and linkable via back-to-back connectors or link cords.

Nova USA Wood Products Inc has enhanced the colour of its ExoShield Wood Stains.jpg

Nova USA

Nova USA Wood Products Inc. has enhanced the colour of its ExoShield Wood Stains by 30 per cent, as well as the formulations of its walnut and mahogany colours based on the input of the company’s business partners and customers. Reducing the red pigment in the walnut stain for a richer medium-brown and the creation of a more natural-looking mahogany colour are some of the changes included.

Festool Phone Charger Battery 0622.jpg


Festool’s PHC 18 mobile phone charging station turns battery packs into a power bank. The phone charger can turn almost all Festool 18-volt battery packs into charging stations, with the smartphone being placed on top of the pack to supply it with power. It also allows for inductive charging if there is no mobile phone charging cable available.

DEWALT is expanding its ATOMIC COMPACT SERIES with a tape measure chalk reel and pocket la


DEWALT is expanding its ATOMIC COMPACT SERIES with a tape measure, chalk reel, and pocket laser measurer. The tape measures are available in 16-, 25-, 26-, and 30-feet lengths. The chalk reel is compact for convenient storage. The pocket laser distance measurer fits in most pockets for users to travel with on jobsites. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a backlit liquid-crystal display (LCD) screen that displays measurements when taken.

Simpson Strong-Tie Edge-Tie System 0722.jpg

Simpson Strong-Tie

Simpson Strong-Tie’s MTWS mass timber washer strap is a versatile, off-the-shelf, load-tested option for a variety of cross-laminated timber (CLT) panel-to-panel and panel-to-steel connections in mass timber construction. First introduced in the 1990s, CLT and other mass timber products provide the enhanced rigidity necessary for creating larger and taller wood-framed buildings. The strap is engineered for the high strength and stiffness required by these higher-load applications while using 10 to 20 per cent fewer fasteners, providing productivity and efficiency on the jobsite, and eliminating the need for custom fabrication of steel connector straps.