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Aug 29, 2023

‘Bay Blue’ is Minwax 2024 colour of the year

Minwax has named ‘Bay Blue’ as its ‘2024 Colour of the Year.’ This wood stain hue, nestled between blue and green, enriches and distinguishes wood’s natural beauty.  

At the intersection of contemporary and classic, Bay Blue is a rich shade that elevates and enhances natural wood. The company says it has an infusion of modern sensibilities and can breathe new life into cherished furnishings and rooms, blending vintage charm with contemporary silhouettes. Whether revitalizing a treasured furniture piece or reinventing a room's mood, Bay Blue is the perfect stain for those seeking a timeless yet distinctive aesthetic. 

Bay Blue is available in both solid and semi-transparent wood stain opacities as part of the Minwax Wood Finish Water-Based Color Stains. 

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