Pandemic Continues To Drive Home Repair Boom

Canada is in the midst of a home and repair boom, with a 64 per cent rise in home improvement transactions over the course of the pandemic in home furnishings, cleaning, landscaping, and home maintenance and repair, says a report from Square, a financial services and technology company. Square analyzed three years worth of data from Canadian businesses using its payments and point-of-sales services within the home and repair industry through April 2021 to determine just how big the boom has been. Saskatchewan is way ahead of the rest of the country, with a 116 per cent increase in home and repair transactions from April 2020 to April 2021 compared to the previous year. New Brunswick also saw a significant 104 per cent growth, while Nova Scotia’s demand was up 79 per cent. In contrast, the boom seems to have skipped the province of Alberta altogether, with the province experiencing a decrease of 10 per cent. The boom can be attributed to the ‘nesting phenomenon’ created by the pandemic, says Trevor Bouchard, founder and CEO of Inc, a network of independent contractors. “Canadians are spending far more time at home, which has made them hyper-focused on things that need fixing or improving. The trend has clearly emerged since the first lockdown, with people looking to do everything from small appliance repairs to major renovation projects.” With restrictions still in place and Canadians eager to spend more time outdoors, Bouchard expects the trend to accelerate through the summer with demand for backyard improvements already rising.