Digital Tool Helps Businesses Do Contact Tracing

GroundLevel Insights, a Canadian technology company, is making its contact tracing solution for COVID-19 available to businesses across the country. CANATRACE is a fast, secure, and free digital solution that allows businesses to capture pertinent customer data needed for contact tracing, all while alleviating the workload on staff and keeping patrons and their contact information safe. To-date, GroundLevel Insights has partnered with more than 300 small businesses, helping these companies bring their customers back in a safe and streamlined manner. The digital tool simplifies data collection by allowing visitors to provide their contact information directly on their own smartphone using a QR code uniquely branded for the business they are visiting. By digitizing data collection, small businesses are able to minimize touchpoints for guests, ensure the confidentiality and accuracy of the information given, and lessen the extra responsibilities now on their staff.