World Coatings Council Develops Sustainability Reporting Approach

The World Coatings Council (WCC), which is comprised of associations like the Canadian Paint and Coatings Association (CPCA) from around the world, has moved forward with a plan to develop the first WCC Global Sustainability Reporting approach to track sustainability factors such as energy and resource conservation, waste minimization, process efficiency enhancement, and the use of renewable materials. WCC is working with a German company, called response, which has conducted extensive member surveys and developed key performance indicators (KPI). Ultimately, a report from the company will become a resource for coatings companies around the world to help facilitate their individual sustainability reporting. The focus on sustainability within the coatings industry has evolved beyond reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), says Gary LeRoux, president and CEO of CPCA. Companies in the coatings industry – from SMEs to large national and multinational organizations – are looking to impact the entire value chain and considering the societal impact of their activities. WCC’s goal is to build on the sustainability successes already taking place in the coatings industry. “The pinnacle of sustainability reporting is the set of Global Goals for Sustainable Development created a number of years ago to provide guidance on sustainability reporting for all industry sectors and organizations in general ... The next step is developing the KPI toolkit for our respective member companies. This will help the coatings industry to more accurately reflect its substantial global contribution to making the world a more sustainable place.”