Ontario Chamber Of Commerce Supports Vaccine Passports

Implementing a proof-of-immunization program will encourage more Ontarians to get vaccinated, says Rocco Rossi, president and chief executive officer of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC), in response to the Ontario government implementing a province-wide proof-of-immunization program. “It is promising to hear reports about a potential vaccine ‘passport’ system in Ontario. A lack of government guidance puts the burden on individual businesses to create, implement, and enforce their own rules and this disproportionately impacts small business.” Details of the framework, including the guidance that goes with it, will be equally as important as the system itself, he says. Additionally, Ontario’s vaccine ‘passport’ system should avoid creating additional red tape or barriers to reopening, particularly for small businesses that don’t have access to the same resources as bigger companies in order to implement and enforce their own policies. “In absence of a centralized, Canada-wide approach to COVID-19 proof-of immunization for international and domestic use, we support the implementation of a provincial certificate that is verifiable, secure, standardized, accessible, and portable, as recommended by Ontario’s Science Table.”