Gardening Trends Boost Pesticide Sales

Increased home gardening activity and commercial investment in greenspaces like office gardens will boost global demand for pesticides, says a report from the Freedonia Group. Global demand for formulated pesticides is forecast to increase 3.4 per cent per year to $95 billion in 2025, supported mostly by growth in the dominant agricultural market due to increasing agricultural productivity. On the residential side, increased time at home led many homeowners to take over their own lawn and garden maintenance activities, either because of budget restrictions or because the homeowner was adopting gardening as a hobby. As well, as businesses reopen, employers are increasingly installing gardens and other greenspace elements to provide employees access to the hobbies they picked up working from home during the pandemic, promoting pesticide sales. Although the share of households with active gardeners is expected to fall off over time as homeowners revert to the use of landscaping and gardening services for managing lawn and garden pest control, the consumer base of home gardeners will remain elevated, supporting demand for value-added, consumer-friendly pesticides.