Renovations Not Influenced By Pandemic

Only one third of Canadian homeowners said COVID-19 influenced their decision to renovate, says the ‘HomeStars 2021 Reno Report.’ Although it was widely believed that pandemic lockdowns had influenced the types of renovations homeowners took on, like better work, education, or enjoyment spaces, 68 per cent said it did not influence their decision. Additionally, the report says 94 per cent of respondents took on indoor renovations while 66 per cent did outdoor renovations, with interior painting the most popular job, followed by the installation of new appliances. Furthermore, homeowners in Ontario spent the most on renovations during COVID-19 while Albertans spent the least. The majority (80 per cent) say sustainability is important to them when choosing building materials and making renovation decisions; 56 per cent used green products, with energy efficient appliances taking the top spot, and two thirds (68 per cent) say they have at least one smart home technology device, the most popular being a smart home thermostat.