Changes Making Homes Better

In 2021, Canadians are making changes to their homes and gardens to feel more positive about their homes, says the ‘IKEA Life at Home’ report. Sixty per cent of people have made a change to their home this year or increased the importance of green space (35 per cent) or private gardens (33 per cent). Thirty-seven per cent say ‘easy-to-clean’ is a top feature of an ideal home. Overall, more than a third (35 per cent) of Canadians feel more positive about their home in 2021 and also saw their mental wellbeing improve. This, while nearly four out of 10 Canadians (37 per cent) have experienced a negative impact on their mental health throughout the past year. The report says that although more than 40 per cent of Canadian adults rate time alone as an important activity to maintain a sense of mental wellbeing at home, extended time at home brought many families closer together as nearly four in 10 people in Canada (38 per cent) say their relationships with their families have improved in the last 12 months. Three-quarters of people also spent more time in their local neighbourhoods.