Hiring Difficult For Small Business

Small businesses owners and operators are finding hiring in the current environment difficult, says an ADP Canada commissioned survey, conducted throughout Small Business Month by Maru Public Opinion. It found to overcome the struggle to attract and retain workers, 27 per cent have increased benefits, like additional vacation time, and 19 per cent have introduced a shorter work week. The majority (79 per cent) of small businesses who had to reduce their workforce in response to the pandemic have been able to re-hire employees. However, one third (33 per cent) stated they have trouble finding workers, with nearly half (46 per cent) indicating the talent shortage grew because of the pandemic. In addition to attracting new employees, challenges also exist in keeping the ones that small businesses already have on hand. Small business owners are seeing staff leave for a better salary (32 per cent), wanting to make a career change (29 per cent), and to take on a more senior role (17 per cent). In response, employers who believe that better work/life balance (53 per cent) and more flexible schedules (48 per cent) are some of the key benefits of working for a small business are emphasizing these.