Home Projects Remain Strong For 2022

The demand for home renovations is strong, with 89 per cent of U.S. homeowners either planning or working on home projects, says a survey by Angi, a U.S. home services company that connects homeowners with contractors. Ninety-one per cent of homeowners say their primary residence needs at least minor renovations, with 36 per cent saying it needs major renovations. Over 60 per cent of homeowners anticipate their 2022 home projects will cost $10,000 or more, with 16 per cent anticipating total costs of over $50,000. The survey says the number one goal for 2022 home projects is to fix existing issues (47 per cent), followed by increase home value (43 per cent), improve aesthetic design (39 per cent), make maintenance easier (33 per cent), and make the home smarter (31 per cent). The most common home issues homeowners report are drafty windows/doors (44 per cent), uneven heating/cooling, and outdated HVAC systems (35 per cent each).