Furniture Orders Continue Gains

January new furniture orders were down 12 per cent from January 2021, but comparisons are unreliable as the changes in level of the pandemic and number of people affected by the virus continued to change from one year to the next, says Smith Leonard Accountants & Consultants in its ‘March 2022 Furniture Insights.’ Although January orders were down year-over-year, January 2021 orders were up 27 per cent over January 2020. In that regard, January 2022 orders were up 16 per cent over January 2020. In addition, even with the 12 per cent decline in overall orders in the January 2022 comparisons to the January 2021 results, some 55 per cent of manufacturers report increased orders for the month. Likewise, shipments were down three per cent from January 2021, but January 2021 shipments were up seven per cent over January 2020. Backlogs increased one per cent over December making backlogs up 43 per cent over January 2021. January 2021 backlogs were up 177 per cent over January 2020 so backlogs continue to increase, though slightly.