Online Retail Still Not Meeting Customer Expectations

Many retailers still struggle to deliver the relevant online shopping experiences their customers expect, says a report from Coveo Solutions Inc., an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered relevance platform provider. The report says that despite pandemic restrictions loosening in the past year, online is still the venue of choice for many shoppers. And relevant, personalized online shopping experiences have become table stakes with 93 per cent of customers expecting the online experience to be at least equal to, if not better than, in-store – a three per cent increase from last year’s report. “Our inaugural ‘Relevance Report: Ecommerce’ found that retailers often fail to meet shoppers’ expectations. One year later, we’re realizing that the relevance challenge remains pervasive,” says Brian McGlynn, general manager of commerce at Coveo. “There is a dichotomy in that people want personalization – even though they like to shop anonymously. Coupled with the future of third-party cookies, addressing this is top of mind for many retail executives.” The report also says online shoppers would be willing to pay more if they could find what they’re looking for in just a few clicks (52 per cent), if they received supporting content that adds value to products (48 per cent), or if they were offered value-add services that elevate the experience (69 per cent).