Blower Capable Of Commercial Power

The WORX Nitro 80V Brushless Backpack Leaf Blower enables homeowners with larger lawns, and commercial landscapers managing medium-sized properties to remove leaves and other yard debris with cordless power. This premium blower features the WORX Base Camp portable/transferable power system, high-efficiency brushless motor, and sonic turbine fan technology. Base Camp, a removable power pack that holds four 20V 5.0Ah Power Share PRO batteries, highlights the entry of WORX into the 80V battery platform. The backpack blower’s sonic turbine fan technology delivers a maximum air volume of 800 CFM at speeds up to 150 mph to lift and drive stubborn leaves and debris, even when damp. This action is enhanced by dual intakes that pull in additional air for greater volume output and blowing power.