Advocacy Group Protests Deforestation

In the runup to Home Depot’s May 19 shareholder meeting, the advocacy group Friends of the Chocó has launched a campaign to highlight the company’s practice of carrying Sandeply plywood, made by Ecuadorian manufacturer Endesa-Botrosa, which is deforesting primary tropical rainforests in western Ecuador’s Chocó region. Just three per cent of western Ecuador's original forest remains intact, it says. The campaign includes a new film documenting the impacts of Endesa-Botrosa’s old-growth logging operations, mobile billboards in and around Home Depot’s Atlanta headquarters, and a report about the impacts of Sandeply on the Chocó to Home Depot corporate leaders, board members, and investors. The film and other documents can be viewed on “Destroying the rainforest to make plywood is like burning the Mona Lisa to cook your lunch,” says Friends of the Chocó founder Brian Rodgers. The report urges Home Depot to stop carrying Sandeply and end its supply relationship with Endesa-Botrosa and/or find sustainable plantation-grown alternatives.