Autonomous Truck Pilot Program Expands

Aurora Innovation, Inc. has expanded its pilot program to autonomously move FedEx shipments on an additional commercial lane in Texas. In March 2022, Aurora's autonomous trucks began to transport FedEx shipments between Aurora’s terminals in Fort Worth and El Paso. Aurora makes the 600-mile trip on a weekly basis with safety drivers on board and expects to increase the frequency of trips in the coming months. It also continues to move shipments for FedEx between Aurora’s South Dallas and Houston terminal on a daily basis. Since the commercial pilot began in September 2021, Aurora’s deliveries of FedEx shipments between Dallas and Houston have been 100 per cent on time. To date, the companies have completed 60,000 miles with zero safety incidents. Aurora’s performance throughout this pilot demonstrates the value proposition autonomous trucking offers for transportation and logistics providers as the company works toward the commercial launch of its autonomous trucks.