Retail Innovation Important To Consumers

Physical stores remain an important fixture for consumers, but they believe there is still room to make the shopping experience better, says a survey by Tango, a store lifecycle management company. The global pandemic accelerated the shift towards consumer demand for a seamless in-store to eCommerce shopping experience. While customers are satisfied with the changes stores have made over the last two years to accommodate this shift, they still want stores to innovate more to better utilize physical store space for in-store shopping, order fulfillment, and pick-up. In-fact, the survey says that a seamless online-to-store experience continues to grow in importance for 88 per cent of consumers. That said, most (94 per cent) shoppers are satisfied with the options they have for in-store shopping, pick-up, and delivery from stores compared to 87 per cent a year ago. Ninety-two per cent say stores have made it easier or faster to pick-up or receive online orders instead of waiting days for delivery from large fulfillment centres, as opposed to only 84 per cent a year ago. As well, essential stores adapted to fit consumer preferences slightly better than specialty stores. “Brands had to respond to a myriad of new challenges in the last year and technology has proven to be an important tool to gather and identify customer insights for decision-making around these changes,” says Pranav Tyagi, president and CEO at Tango. He adds that the positive response from the survey should encourage retailers to continue to innovate their customer operations and store locations to keep bettering their customer experience.