Colours Reflect Changing Consumer Desires

As we come out of the pandemic, people are turning towards safe and multi-purposeful spaces, and this is reflected in the ‘2023 Color + Design Trends’ by Dunn-Edwards Corporation, a manufacturer and distributor of paints, coatings, and paint supplies. This year’s trends include four colour palettes that blend elements of the past, present, and the future: Live in Joy, Liberated Nomad, Well Intentions, and Life in Poetry. They are meant to capture changing behaviours, emotional states, and lifestyles. Live in Joy features bold colours to create celebratory, energetic spaces. Liberated Nomad is a complex aesthetic that combines arts, folklore, Baroque, and industrial influences to realign fragments of style in provocative ways. Well Intentions reflects the duality of the desire for earth-friendly living with extraterrestrial pursuits. Life in Poetry embraces a relaxed summertime lifestyle and cherishes imperfections, DIY, and bric-a-brac craftwork to create a cheerful, nostalgic retreat.