Smart Appliances Can Help With Chores

Canadians spend more than 300 hours a year on household tasks, but they’d rather be doing something else, says a survey from LG Electronics Canada. In fact, the overwhelming majority of Canadians prioritize spending time with friends and family (71 per cent) and caring for themselves (65 per cent) above all else. However, making time for the things that matter most is not always possible. Most Canadians (60 per cent) agree that household tasks are a burden and there are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done. For one-fifth of Canadians, the weight of household tasks is so great that it is impacting their overall mood and their stress and/or anxiety levels. Fortunately, there may be help available. Nearly half of Canadians (45 per cent) say artificial intelligence (AI) and a ‘smart’ home can help to get the job done. The survey shows six out of 10 Canadians find it useful to control aspects of their home from an app on their phone, regardless of where they are located. Most Canadians (82 per cent) also like that they can receive notifications about the status of their smart devices on their phone, TV, or computer.