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Feb 1, 2023

AD Has Strong 2022

AD owner/member sales for 2022 were $74.9 billion, a 28 per cent increase from owner/member sales in 2021. Purchases by member companies from AD supplier partners for the year were $20.3 billion while net distributions to owner/members reached $1.4 billion. Member same-store sales in Canada increased by eight per cent year-over-year compared to an increase of 21 per cent for U.S. members and 19 per cent for Mexico members. Member losses due to consolidation negatively impacted AD’s volume by -0.4 per cent. Member additions via acquisitions by AD members, mergers with other groups, and individual decisions positively impacted AD’s volume by three per cent. Overall, the group’s member community grew to 866 separately owned independent businesses across 14 divisions and three countries. In addition, AD members separately made 84 acquisitions of other independent businesses.

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