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Dec 16, 2022

Aluminum Concealed Beam Hanger Can Take On Higher Loads

Simpson Strong-Tie’s aluminum concealed beam hanger (ACBH) is designed for mass timber structures and engineered to support loads up to 20 kips (equivalent to 20,000 pounds of force).

It provides a concealed connection for fire performance and architectural aesthetics and joins Simpson Strong-Tie’s existing concealed beam hanger (CBH) as part of a family of connectors and solutions for mass timber construction. Fabricated from machined aluminum, the ACBH allows for the use of 45º countersunk fasteners, delivering significantly higher loads and stiffness per screw. For situations where a single ACBH is still not sufficient for the design loads, two connectors can be used on a single beam end to achieve twice the allowable download of a single connector.

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