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Nov 17, 2023

Automation key for homeowners to reduce energy consumption

Research from Parks Associates' shows that 91 percent of internet households are actively engaged in reducing energy consumption within their homes. Forty-eight percent report altering their behaviours, while 43 percent report doing recent home renovations to reduce their energy consumption.

"Smart devices and automation solutions complement energy efficient construction and solar/storage systems in the aim to get to net-zero energy consumption," says Jennifer Kent, vice-president, research, with Parks Associates. "Resident behaviour is a big determining factor in achieving net zero, so technology that gives residents the data to monitor their usage and the controls to adjust, coordinate, or automate the appliances and systems in their homes is critical."

Parks Associates' white paper, ‘Building Net Zero Homes with Home Management Systems,’ shows the average internet household has more than 16 connected devices, with 16 percent owning a smart thermostat. The paper says a zero net energy (ZNE) home, also referred to as a zero-energy building or a zero-energy ready home, is a home that consumes no more energy than it produces in a year. To achieve this, ZNE homes are extremely efficient, leveraging cutting-edge building materials and methods, smart thermostats, and energy-efficient appliances to keep the home's energy consumption as low as possible without seriously inconveniencing the homeowner.

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