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Oct 25, 2022

Axonify Expands Digital Offerings

Frontline employee training and communication company Axonify has partnered with Achievers, an employee experience software platform. This relationship will expand Axonify's existing digital offerings for mutual customers and strengthen the overall frontline employee experience. With frontline workers at a breaking point (nearly 42 per cent are prepared to leave their current jobs), they want more than just higher compensation. They are looking for on-the-job appreciation and training and skills development opportunities to grow with a company. The expanded digital offering will provide an easier way for employees to receive recognition for their achievements and access rewards. Accomplishments earned from training and learning in Axonify can be transferred to the Achievers platform, where employees can either select their reward from the Achievers' reward catalog or keep collecting points. Axonify says the experience is designed to make critical information stick.

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