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Oct 26, 2022

Businesses Not Providing Cyber Awareness Training

Canadian businesses still aren't doing enough to protect their organizations from cyber threats by providing proper cyber awareness training and education, says Terranova Security. Its survey found that the level of concern over cyber risks was alarmingly low as 34 per cent of employees express little-to-no concern about data theft at work and 16 per cent believe they can't be targeted at all by cyber criminals. The research shows there is still confusion among employees over who is ultimately responsible for protecting company data, despite human error being the cause 95 per cent of cyber issues. For 77 per cent of employees, it's the IT department's responsibility to protect company data, compared to just 54 per cent who believe they play an essential role. Only 40 per cent of employees say they work in a company where cyber security awareness training is mandatory. As well, 44 per cent haven't participated in any cyber security training and 33 per cent indicated that their company doesn't offer any relevant training at all. These findings come at a time when the danger from a breach is at an all-time high. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) says Canadians lost an estimated C$230 million to fraud in 2021, out of which C$100 million was associated to online fraud.

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