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May 21, 2024

Canada GMS acquires Yvon Building Supply

North American specialty building products distributor GMS Inc., parent company to Canada GMS, Inc., plans to acquire Yvon Building Supply Inc., Yvon Insulation Corporation, Laminated Glass Technologies, Inc., and Right Fit Foam Insulation Ltd., expanding GMS Canada's services and product offerings in Ontario.

"This acquisition is expected to increase our in-market service capability, which should allow GMS Canada to more fully support our growing customers in the rapidly expanding southern Ontario market,” says Paul Green, president of GMS Canada. “The Yvon team has served the Ontario building industry for more than a decade and offers a complete package of primary light construction materials. Under Tom Scott's leadership, Yvon has built a team and capability driven by core values that align well with those of GMS."

With multiple locations across Ontario, Yvon offers a full selection of drywall, insulation (including manufacturing and contractor installation services), finishing compound, steel, ceilings, truss core, security mesh, fasteners, FRP, and wood flooring.

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