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Mar 22, 2024

Canada on global scale in retail experience

Despite historically trailing behind other countries in seamless commerce, Canada emerged fourth among eight major countries in making retailing a simpler, friendlier, and more convenient experience for consumers, says a KPMG International report.

Over the past three years, Canadian retailers accelerated their growth in omnichannel solutions amid increased expectations from consumers now accustomed to purchasing from giant US retailers which, in many cases, are further ahead in digitizing their operations.

The survey finds Canadian shoppers want more detailed specs, better search functionality, easier returns, the ability to ask questions about a product, and a better delivery experience as necessary to improve the online shopping experience. Meanwhile, research found that Americans focus more on speed, convenience, and personalization, likely due to the larger availability of e-commerce experiences and products in the US, the report says.

Consumers expect retailers to meet them where they are – online, whether it's mobile or laptop, in-store, or on social media – and to deliver the same experience regardless. The only way retailers can meet their expectations is by breaking down data silos and developing a seamless, connected experience.

E-commerce capabilities like click and collect and return in-store are becoming must-have services for retailers to remain competitive. However, the report says seamless commerce needs to go beyond that. Almost two-thirds of Canadians want retailers to be more creative when replicating in-store experiences online, such as using virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

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