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Feb 8, 2024

Castle growth continues in Quebec

Castle Building Centres Group Limited has a new member location in the province of Quebec. Boréal Rive Nord Inc. in Chertsey, QC, is the first independent retailer in the region to join the Castle group this year.

The business is located in the southwestern region and is the newest branch and expansion for existing Castle member Produits Boreal. Pierre Girard, Sylvain Cloutier, and Audrey Coulombe are the new owners of this location.

“We have worked with Castle for almost a decade and they are an important part of our success,” says Coulombe. “The power of Castle as a major buying group helped us take advantage of the best programs and maintain our independence. It was an easy decision to go with Castle for our new branch.”

The addition of this location is an integral part of the Produits Boreal growth strategy. This expansion will allow the group to serve a wider scope of customers in the Quebec region with specialty services such as millwork and Pre-Fab Home Kits. The management team plans to build a brand-new store and retail showroom in late 2024.

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