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Dec 13, 2022

CFIB Program Teaches Cybersecurity To Small Business

Nearly half of small businesses (45 per cent) have experienced a random cyber attack in the past year and 27 per cent experienced a targeted attack, says a survey by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB). To help businesses protect themselves, CFIB is launching its Cybersecurity Academy, an online education program to train business owners and their employees on how to improve cybersecurity in their business. The training, developed in partnership with Mastercard and its cybersecurity specialists, includes topics such as preventing ransomware and cyber attacks, recognizing fraud, and identifying and preventing social engineering. The program will be delivered on a gamified platform in a user-friendly format allowing small business owners and their employees to earn badges and enter into draws for $15,500 in cash. These online lessons will be free to CFIB members. Given the importance of this education, for a limited time and with the support of Mastercard, CFIB is also opening up access to non-members with a free temporary membership to complete the Cybersecurity Academy courses. For information, visit CFIB Cybersecurity Academy.

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