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Oct 20, 2023

CLR Brands launches creative campaign

CLR Brands, the cleaning brand from the manufacturers of Jelmar, LLC, has launched a national creative campaign entitled ‘Been There. Outdone That.’ The campaign leans into how CLR Brands has built a reputation that there is no task its products can't tackle. In a confident and sarcastic tone, the voiceover of the advertisements conveys that CLR branded products can clean the uncleanable, scoffing in the face of gunk and grime. The straight shooting ‘Been There. Outdone That.’ tagline aims to make people feel savvy and smart about choosing CLR products, and content in the knowledge they will always enjoy extraordinary, never ordinary, cleaning results whether in the toughest or most mundane cleaning situations. The campaign showcases CLR’s Brilliant Bath, Calcium, Lime, & Rust Remover, Garbage Disposal, and Mold & Mildew brands. The creative campaign is also the first stage for the company to reveal a rebrand that features redesigned packaging, labeling, and updated product names. It kicked-off October 16 and runs across TV, digital, social, display, in-store, and online (website) media. 

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