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Oct 31, 2022

Consumer Holiday Shopping Habits Changed

Consumers are eager to return to their holiday traditions but when, how, and who they will buy for is changing, says the Retail Council of Canada’s (RCC’s) fifth annual ‘RCC X Leger Holiday Shopping Survey.’ The survey says that while current financial strains are being felt by six in 10 Canadians, they still plan to spend the same amount on the holidays that they anticipated spending in 2021 ($709). Sixty-two per cent of consumers say their gift giving habits have changed over the years, with the main reason being that they are looking to buy more meaningful gifts for fewer people. Sixty per cent will look for more deals this year than in previous years and many will consider a wider assortment of retailers to ensure they find the best gifts at the best prices. While generally there has also been a noticeable shift in consumers saying they want to start shopping before November, in 2022 consumers are holding back a bit (36 per cent in 2022 versus 42 per cent in 2021), likely in hopes of finding even better deals. Interestingly, most (60 per cent) consumers feel that holiday shopping lost some of its excitement during the pandemic. They say they will be searching in-store this year (more so than last year) in hopes of re-igniting the holiday shopping festiveness they valued prior to the pandemic. The survey says that concerns over supply chain delays and potential disruption from new waves of COVID still linger, however, retailers with lower prices, discounts/special offers, and free shipping will appeal to 81 per cent of consumers.

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