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Oct 25, 2022

Consumers Back To In-Store Shopping

Most shoppers around the world (71 per cent) now shop in physical stores as often or even more often than before the pandemic, says research from Mood Media, an experiential media company. Thirty-eight per cent of consumers globally are shopping in-store more often now than two years ago and 33 per cent are shopping in-store at the same level. When asked for a reason for shopping in-store, 45 per cent of consumers say their desire is rooted in getting their hands on purchases instantly and 38 per cent enjoy the element of discovery when shopping brick and mortar. Shopping as a leisure activity with friends and family was the third most cited reason. “There is no longer a debate over whether people will return to physical retail after the pandemic,” says Scott Moore, global chief marketing officer at Mood Media. “They’ve returned. Now we must focus on how best to tap into continued demand for digitally enabled and ambience-rich, in-person experiences.” The research says some examples of how this can be achieved include interactive digital screens or signage, digital payment and self-serve technology, and engaging large video displays. Consumers “now increasingly see both online and offline as part of the same purchase journey, not one versus the other. Due to their growing comfort levels in the online space, they now expect similar levels of digital technology solutions as in integral part of the physical space,” says Moore.

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