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Dec 2, 2022

Consumers Intolerant Of Delivery Delays

Consumers say delivery delays and inaccurate orders have increased of late and they will abandon retailers that fail to meet their expectations for shipping and returns management, says research from Voxware, a provider of cloud-based voice and analytic supply chain solutions. Therefore, improving distribution operations will have heightened importance this holiday season as 56 per cent of survey respondents say they will be buying fewer gifts due to inflation and economic concerns. The research shows that consumers have grown intolerant of delivery delays and inaccurate order fulfillment and are increasingly more likely to punish retailers who disappoint them. With concerns for holiday gift delivery delays, 65 per cent of consumers will abandon shopping with a retailer altogether after two to three late deliveries. Likewise, if a retailer sends an incorrect order two to three times, consumers will abandon shopping with that retailer altogether. Most shoppers (70 per cent) are also likely to share a negative experience online when a purchase is late or incorrect.

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