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Jun 27, 2023

Consumers prefer user content, not influencers

The use of user-generated content (UGC) within brand marketing initiatives equals greater brand engagement, consumer trust, and higher revenue compared to traditional influencer marketing tactics, says a report from EnTribe, a SaaS (software as a service) platform. “This survey is evidence of the continuous shift we’ve been seeing around consumer preference towards content that is authentic and organic,” says Adam Dornbusch, CEO of EnTribe. “Regardless of industry, user-generated content is allowing brands to build online communities with a foundation of trust and inclusion. We expect to see these trends continue in the months and years to come.” Eighty-one percent of consumers say a brand’s use of influencers has either no impact or a negative impact on their perception of a brand, with more than half (51%) admitting they scroll right past influencer posts. On the contrary, 90% say they would prefer to see brands share content from actual customers and 86% say they are more likely to trust a brand that publishes user-generated content as opposed to influencer content. Only 12% say they would be inclined to purchase a product if promoted by an influencer, while 62% shared they have never purchased a product promoted by an influencer. Interestingly, 90% say they have purchased a product after being influenced by friends or family. If brands incorporate user-generated content into marketing initiatives, 82% would be more inclined to purchase their products or services. The survey results highlight the continuous negative sentiment consumers are feeling towards social media influencers, which has resulted in fewer brands utilizing mega-influencers and instead turning to user-generated content. The data shows respondents are more likely to engage and buy products with brands that promote content from real customers, creating an opportunity for brands to authentically engage with their target demographic without needing sponsored content.

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