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Nov 3, 2023

Consumers share concerns with supply chain leaders

While supply chain practitioners predict a busy eCommerce holiday season, 60 percent say the ‘COVID hangover’ still impacts supply chains, and they continue to have similar concerns. Nearly 30 percent of supply chain practitioners cite ‘managing inventory concerns’ as their biggest concern heading into the 2023 peak season. Other top concerns include customer dissatisfaction (23 percent) and finding suitable seasonal staff (21 percent), says the ‘2023 eCommerce Peak Season Pulse’ report from Kenco, a third-party logistics (3PL) provider.


Consumers had similar inventory concerns, with 60 percent indicating product availability as their top concern for peak season supply chains.

To prepare their operations for peak season, 35 percent of practitioners have implemented new technology, including solutions addressing inventory visibility (42 percent), shipping efficiencies (38 percent), and eCommerce ordering (33 percent). Additionally, more than one third (35 percent) have explored AI for their operations to manage everyday processes, and 73 percent of those respondents use AI to address inventory tracking.

Beyond technology, consumers revealed other ways that supply chain leaders can enhance the holiday shopping experience and provide more cushion for delivery times. For instance, 72 percent of consumers say they would select slower shipping options if it meant free shipping, and 64 percent indicate that a gift card or store credit would incentivize them to choose slower shipping. 

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