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Oct 21, 2022

Cosentino Launches Dekton Kraftizen

Surface distributor Cosentino Group has launched its Dekton Kraftizen in the Canadian market. This large-format stucco material is suitable for indoor and outdoor application. In prototype form, it received ‘Best of Show’ in the ‘2021 Best of KBIS Awards,’ celebrating innovative product of the year in the kitchen and bath industry. Inspired by Venetian stucco and rooted in minimalism, versatility, and sustainability, the collection features five hues with rich textures:  Umber, Nacre, Argentium, Micron, and Albarium. Like all Dekton products, carbon neutrality has been achieved for the entire life cycle of the product – from the extraction of the raw material and the calculation of the direct and indirect emissions from its production cycle and those derived from its use – to the end of the product’s life.

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