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Mar 10, 2023

Customer Expectations Provide Opportunities

As in-store shopping habits solidify with 73 per cent of Canadian consumers visiting physical stores at least monthly, consumers say self-service technologies and helpful staff can further enhance their retail experiences, says a survey by PwC. When these human-led and tech-powered channels are adopted, it provides more time for staff to focus on higher-value activities that enhance the in-store experience. Fifty-two per cent of consumers say knowledgeable and helpful sales associates are an appealing part of in-store shopping. In addition, self-service checkouts stand out to Canadian consumers with 48 per cent saying they're an attractive feature of in-store shopping. As well, Canadians expect fast and efficient service and prioritize meaningful and trustworthy interactions. However, even though many Canadian consumers plan to scale back their non-essential purchases, retailers and consumer goods companies have opportunities to attract new customers, says PwC. One in five consumers expect to increase their spending over the next six months with retailers that provide an efficient delivery service. Supply chain challenges, albeit improved from last year, are an opportunity for companies to mitigate and create efficiencies with their supplier and distribution networks. Businesses that successfully implement data, analytics, and automation capabilities into their supply and distribution can improve their delivery efficiencies and have an opportunity to grow their market share.

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