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Jan 24, 2024

DEWALT launches concrete tool line

DEWALT has launched an electrified line of heavy-duty tools for concrete jobsites called the DEWALT POWERSHIFT equipment system. The DEWALT POWERSHIFT represents the next stage of DEWALT’s innovation journey to deliver comprehensive end-to-end workflow solutions as the brand celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2024.  

The system was created to optimize the workflow of concrete jobsites through electrification. Designed to meet the critical needs of concrete professionals – power, runtime, and ergonomics – the electrified line will allow users to transition away from gas-powered equipment, without compromising efficiency and performance. The system, made up of six concrete tools, streamlines the full concrete application through use of the same DEWALT POWERSHIFT 554 WH battery and high-speed charger across all tools. The tools include: a plate compactor, rammer, backpack vibrator, powerpack vibrator, power screed, and core drill and stand. 

As a crucial component of DEWALT’s total workflow solution, the POWERSHIFT line delivers fully integrated connectivity with the DEWALT Site Manager app, providing users with data on asset management, tool location, utilization, and safety. In addition, Converge’s AI-based platform ConcreteDNA, powered by data from DEWALT's wireless concrete sensors, interpretates real-time data allowing users to observe compressive strength gain of concrete and to predict when it will reach critical strength. 

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