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Jan 17, 2024

Doman unifies operating divisions

Doman Building Materials Group Ltd. is strategically reorganizing operations by unifying its various operating divisions under one cohesive umbrella of the DOMAN brand – a name that has been involved in the industry for over 100 years.

CanWel Fiber will be rebranded as DOMAN Timber, and the Canadian and US west coast wood treatment facilities will become DOMAN Treated Wood. CanWel Building Materials and California Cascade will unify under DOMAN Building Materials, and Hixson Lumber will become DOMAN Lumber. The company says this strategic decision is driven by its commitment to enhancing the synergy of its activities, fostering unity, and strengthening its market presence.

DOMAN has a global footprint of 29 distribution centres, 32 treating facilities, five specialty sawmills, three truss plants, four specialty planing mills, two post and pole peeling facilities, and 109,000 acres of managed forest.

Implementation of the rebranding is underway and will be gradually implemented across all touchpoints.  

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