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Aug 14, 2023

Dutch Boy® Paints unveils 2024 One-Coat Color Trend Forecast

Dutch Boy® Paints has revealed its 2024 One-Coat Color Trend Forecast, aligning with a growing focus on enriching daily routines. Amid a shifting concept of home as a sanctuary, Dutch Boy® Paints has introduced Ironside, a deep olive shade with dark undertones, as the 2024 One-Coat Color of the Year. This hue combines elegance and comfort, catering to evolving preferences for dark shades in both spacious and cozy interiors.


"Creating a space for wellness should be a driving factor in everyday life," said Ashley Banbury, NCIDQ and color marketing manager at Dutch Boy® Paints. "That's why taking a natural approach to healthy living and safe spaces is a pivotal part of the current landscape. Dutch Boy® Paints' 2024 One-Coat Color of the Year—the stunning, strong Ironside—incorporates all the above in one bold color and can be applied in one single coat."


Ironside (422-7DB) forms the foundation for three distinct color palettes within Dutch Boy® Paints' 2024 One Coat Color Trend Forecast. These palettes, namely Embrace, Retreat, and Inspire, build upon the soothing olive tones of Ironside, presenting versatile options that resonate with different design preferences. All the 2024 trend colors, including Ironside, offer one-coat hide coverage—a boon for DIY enthusiasts—enabling a straightforward three-step process: select a preferred trend color, pair it with Dutch Boy® premium paint and Purdy applicators, and apply with the recommended technique.


"Dutch Boy's 2024 One-Coat Color Trend Forecast speaks to homeowners, DIYers and anyone with specific tastes in color selection," said Michelle Bangs, senior brand manager at Dutch Boy® Paints. "We're taking a comforting approach; embracing restoration and nature, while bringing harmony into the home. These color palettes are easy to customize to complement the personal style and preference of DIYers everywhere."

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