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Mar 3, 2023

Employees Looking For Great Leaders And Opportunities

The methods to attract and retain talent have changed as demographics shift and the economy remains unstable. It’s the candidates and seekers who hold all the power now, says Darren Peiris, global group head of talent acquisitions for National Group. “People aren’t impressed by office perks anymore,” he says. “They’re not looking for a fridge full of food in the kitchen or a table tennis tables or a pinball machine – or even big pay rises.” While pay is an important factor, Peiris says potential employees are looking for two things in particular – great leaders and clear and visible career opportunities. “Leadership qualities are top of mind. When you’re looking at working for the best leader, candidates want to work for a leader who’s empathetic and inspirational, who operates with good intentions and has their best interest at heart, and has their back. But, most importantly, they want to learn from this leader. So, the key thing is having that coaching mindset in a leader. Invest in your leaders to be great coaches because the power of a good coach can allow an individual to really unlock their potential.” Peiris will be speaking at the Procurious ‘Big Ideas Summit London’ on March 9. For more information, visit Big Ideas Summit 

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