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Dec 12, 2023

Employment sector trends: prioritizing non-material benefits

When choosing an employer, 76% of workers now prioritize non-material benefits, such as flexible working hours and location, training and recognition, as well as the company's values, while 79% consider adequate compensation to be relevant in their decision, according to Randstad's 2023 Employer Brand Research.

The survey also revealed that 40% of people surveyed would be likely to change jobs in search of a better work-life balance, which is still the main reason for quitting, followed closely by insufficient pay in relation to the rising cost of living. Meanwhile, 23% of Canadian employees would rather be unemployed than work for a company that doesn't align with their personal values.

To attract and keep the best talents, and above all, to fulfill employees' values and needs, employers must introduce practices that reflect flexibility, diversity and inclusion, fair compensation, salary transparency, and ongoing training.

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