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Jun 30, 2023

Energy efficiency top reason to replace windows

Enhancing energy efficiency is the top reason (36%) homeowners consider replacing windows, followed by damage (29%), moisture mitigation or leakage (12%), part of a larger home renovation (9%), alleviate ongoing maintenance needs (6%), and aesthetics (5%), says a survey by Alside, a brand of Associated Materials. Increasing energy efficiency was the top reason to replace windows because homeowners want to save costs and reduce their carbon footprint. When asked how they would choose a contractor if they were considering replacing windows, homeowners said they used a word-of-mouth/family or friend recommendation as well as best price (both 28%). They also checked for high ratings online (22%), product selection or brands available from the contractor (14%), and advertisements or other promotions (4%). Alside also asked homeowners how long they think their windows should last. Nearly a third (32%) think windows should last more than 20 years before needing replacement. The manufacturer says that if homeowners select the right windows for the climate and take proper care of them, windows can not only meet but exceed homeowners’ expectations of lasting more than 20 years.  

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