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Oct 12, 2023

Falmec introduces new range hood in Elle collection

Falmec has added a new range hood design in the Elle collection to their North American portfolio. The manufacturer has described it to “provide wellness, sustainability and dynamic design to the modern-day kitchen.” 


“Gone are the days when kitchens were seen as a space just for preparing food, hidden from view. Today, kitchen design is a reflection of personal taste and a hub of creative culinary endeavors, with both design and technological innovation at the forefront,” said Lorenzo Poser, director of sales and marketing at Falmec. “Our commitment to quality design, innovation, and sustainable options is at the heart of everything we do. With the introduction of our Elle Range Hood, we’re proud to continue expanding our offerings to the ever-evolving North American design community.” 


The Elle collection is available in the popular matte black finish. It features an extended perimeter LED lighting in the 70-inch length. An electronic control panel, positioned in the center, provides flexible installation and is ideal for a kitchen island application. It uses Falmec’s exclusive Carbon.Zeo filtering technology and natural materials, such as zeolite and activated charcoal. 

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