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Apr 28, 2023

Fleet companies react to sustainability pressure

With customer demand on the rise for fleet sustainability, fleet professionals are putting sustainability initiatives in place in order to continue to do business with them, says a study from Geotab Inc., a connected transportation company. The study shows quality data has become critical to tracking and assessing progress on sustainability goals, enabling organizations to make smarter decisions, improve regulatory reporting, and address ‘greenwashing’ risk, along with transformation to electrification. Greenwashing is a term used to describe a false or misleading action or set of claims by an organization about the positive impact that the company, product, or service has on the environment. Interestingly, the study shows that sustainability benefits the bottom line, with 69% of fleet managers agreeing that sustainability data helped reduce operating costs. Globally, more than 80% of fleet transportation companies expect investments in sustainability to deliver higher business results over the next five years. Sixty-six per cent of fleet managers plan to invest more in sustainability initiatives over the next three years to meet customer and organization requirements, while only 3% plan to invest less.

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