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Jan 26, 2023

Formica Marks 110 Years

Formica Corporation is preparing for a full year of celebration to commemorate its 110th anniversary this year. The company was originally founded in 1913 as an industrial laminates company, but quickly pivoted to decorative laminate surfaces used in homes, restaurants, and a wide range of other commercial settings. To commemorate its anniversary, the company will release a calendar and book featuring classic patterns and notable laminate interiors from the past 110 years. It will also celebrate in Las Vegas, NV, ahead of the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, as well as on social media throughout the year with its design team sharing inside stories behind some of the brand’s most iconic patterns. “As we pored over a century’s worth of designs, photos, and other materials in preparation for our anniversary celebrations, it was a clear reminder of the marked impact this brand has had on interior design and even culture at large, especially in the United States and Canada” says Amy Gath, vice-president, marketing, at Formica.

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