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Jun 16, 2023

Formica releases book on historical highlights

Formica Corporation, the inventor of high-pressure laminate founded in 1913, has launched a book called Beyond Boomerang: A Celebration of 110 Years of Formica Patterns. The book commemorates the brand’s 110th anniversary and over a century of influencing residential and commercial interiors. Beginning with the company’s origins as the Formica Insulation Company, a start-up focused on using new plastic laminate techniques for industrial and electrical applications, the book provides a decade-by-decade look at each era’s prominent Formica patterns and the stories behind their design, driven by contemporaneous current events, cultural moments, technology advancements, and evolving design aesthetics. The book was penned by Shawn Patrick Tubb, an architect and historian, with research support from Formica’s design team. More information is available about the book and on Formica’s 110th anniversary

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