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May 1, 2023

GoRecycle fighting to recycle appliances

Now in its second year of existence, Quebec-based GoRecycle is encouraging citizens to participate in one of the biggest measures in the fight against climate change: adopting its solutions to recycle their cooling and air-conditioning appliances properly and responsibly. In the past, the organization has fought against the use of disposable bags and plastic straws and now it wants to raise awareness among Quebecers about the outdated practice of leaving an appliance at the curb. When disposed of this way, discarded appliances won’t be properly recycled. “When they entrust a cooling appliance to GoRecycle, we ensure that its materials are recycled properly,” says Jules Foisy Lapointe, general manager. “We are able to reuse more than 95% of them.” To date, the initiative has helped recycle more than 200,000 appliances and prevented the emission of over 220,000 tons of GHGs, which is the equivalent of a full A380 Airbus flying around the globe 79 times.

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