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Jan 5, 2024

Green and hidden spaces top 2024 home design trends

Houzz has identified some of the top emerging home design trends for 2024. A connection to the outdoors remains a top trend and homeowners want access all year long. Bedroom window seats and bay windows are some of the ways they will create that outdoor living within their indoor spaces.  

Houzz says it also sees a new focus on cloaked additions to home interiors that combine whimsy with functionality. Homeowners are gravitating toward the inclusion of ‘trap doors’ and kitchens with hidden pantries allowing seamless access to storage. Additionally, some homeowners are incorporating covert rooms such as a speakeasy home bar lounge, a wine bar and cellar under the stairs, or a hidden reading nook in a corner of a room.   

Green seems to be a colour of choice for décor, reflecting renewal for kitchens, walls, and exteriors. Searches on Houzz for the colour green in all rooms inside the home increased in 2023 compared to 2022. 

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