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Jan 18, 2023

Healthy Home Remains Top Design Trend

Although certain home design trends come and, cultivating a healthy home continues to be of high importance when planning renovation projects, says American Standard. To avoid certain chemicals that can be found in tap water, homeowners can install filtered water systems like its Spectra Filtered Shower System, which reduces chlorine, lead, and class I particulars from tap water with a push of a button. The desire for a healthy home spills over into another top trend among homeowners for this year – eco-conscious living. One practical way to help the environment is by opting for water-saving fixtures including toilets and efficient bathroom and kitchen faucets. Homeowners are also looking for high-tech solutions to increase the functionality of their living spaces. Smart appliances, fixtures, and lighting are making it easier than ever to integrate technology into the home. Touchless fixtures provide an option to keep the home more hygienic by limiting the spread of germs and bacteria.

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