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Jan 25, 2023

Homes More Important For Healthy Living

People are looking for healthier living solutions at home post-pandemic, says ‘The America at Home Study’ by marketing expert Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki of tst ink, consumer strategist Belinda Sward of Strategic Solutions Alliance, and architect Nancy Keenan, president of DAHLIN, in collaboration with the Kantar Group, a market data and insights company. The third wave of the consumer study – first post-pandemic – says the number of people that are renting and want to purchase a home has climbed sharply since the pandemic. During the pandemic, 16 per cent of renters wanted to purchase their own home. Now, post-pandemic, that number has jumped to 51 per cent. Another notable finding is that ‘home’ now evokes more positive emotions than at the start of the pandemic. When respondents ranked the most important rooms in their homes, they identified the family room (46 per cent), primary bedroom (19 per cent), and kitchen (18 per cent) as most important. When asked what attributes in their home are important to their wellness, respondents said a private outdoor space or garden and attributes related to energy conservation such as water conservation, eliminating chemicals and VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and low energy windows. Features that are important in a home include plenty of storage, up-to-date technology and energy efficiency features, and well-equipped kitchens.

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